LifeBrite Lawsuit is a leading medical diagnostics company providing impeccable healthcare services to their patients. They are a well-resourced clinical laboratory delivering reliable medical testing results and superior healthcare solutions to all their clients.

 Christian Fletcher, CEO of LifeBrite, aims to promote a healthier lifestyle among people and keeps striving to provide extensive and steadfast healthcare solutions to every patient. He puts emphasis on the relevance of providing value-based care and delivering imperative and constructive solutions that will ensure speedy recovery and discharge of the patients.

He is also passionate about Nutrition and believes that it is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle in today’s time as lifestyle disorders are at their peak. He has contributed in many ways towards enhancing the Healthcare realm and in making top-quality healthcare services available to everyone.

 With a team of highly-seasoned and well-versed medical professionals, who have decades of experience in the field of healthcare, LifeBrite Lawsuit continues to offer exceptional healthcare services and help their patients lead a healthy and peaceful life. LifeBrite has some of the best physicians and technicians in the industry who are highly proficient in their work. They put dedicated efforts to employ comprehensive and cost-effective medication monitoring services and ensure high-quality patient care by utilizing their groundbreaking technology and advanced resources.

Services Offered By LifeBrite Lawsuit Laboratory

 LifeBrite Laboratories are CLIA certified and COLA accredited and are equipped with industry-leading technology and modern methodology along with highly advanced resources. They follow stringent safety measures before conducting any medical tests and ensure that all patients are provided with the most accurate and reliable testing results, as quickly as possible and at affordable rates.

They offer a wide range of testing services and healthcare programs that are conducted by highly experienced professionals.

  •  Toxicology Testing

 In present times, Toxicology testing is in great demand as the use of illicit drugs has become very common. LifeBrite maintains high standards of quality in its toxicology screening procedure. Toxicology test results assist medical experts and professionals in determining the physical state of the patients and in identifying any potential toxins that might be present in their blood. Toxicology testing options that are most frequently used are Oral Fluid drug testing and Urinal drug testing.

In addition to this, LifeBrite also provides pharmacogenomic testing to study the structure of the genes that influence individual response to drugs. This helps in the accurate selection and distribution of medicines for every patient.

  • Annual Health Screening

 Christian Fletcher LifeBrite lawsuit has taken the initiative to put an end to ignorance and raise awareness on the importance of routine health checkups through their annual health screening program. They offer heart screening, lung screening, neurological body screening, and overall body screening as a part of the health screening program. Regular health screening can help prevent many health complications. It is one of the most famous programs at LifeBrite.

 Other testing services and healthcare programs they offer include blood sugar testing, STI testing, general chemistry testing, lipid panel testing, and thyroid testing, Cancer Screening, and Pulmonary Rehabilitation programs among others.

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