Everything Women Need to Know About Christian Fletcher Atlanta LifeBrite’s Annual Health Screening Program

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Women’s health is important for all. But, the lack of awareness of annual health screening is incessantly deteriorating their health.

An annual health screening program helps a woman to test her overall well being and detect diseases at an early stage. In order to encourage women to enlist their names on annual health screening programs, LifeBrite is offering annual health screening programs for women. 

Christian Fletcher Atlanta LifeBrite’s CEO believes in providing value-based care to each patient. Therefore, LifeBrite offers physical screening to blood tests under this annual screening program. This article pertains to the detailed information on annual health screening programs offered by LifeBrite. 

Physical Screening Included Under Annual Screening for Women:

Christian Fletcher Atlanta LifeBrite facilitates annual physical screening for women along with annual blood tests. Under physical screening, women’s overall physical body parts will be checked comprehensively. The process will be done in three stages, neurological screening, overall body screening, and heart and lung screening. 

Neurological screening reflects your system’s responding nature. Physicians will be hitting your knee with small mallets to analyze neurological flexion. At times, physicians may also ask to perform a balance test for this. 

Overall body screening includes your neck, abdomen, head, or any pain points. Physicians will be checking everything thoroughly during the overall body screening. This screening also includes checking your spine’s curve and arm’s flexibility to ensure everything is working great.

Heart and lung screening include Checking important rules in your overall health. Women’s annual health checking includes heart and lung screening. In order to ensure everything is working fine, your physician will take a moment to diagnose your heart’s abnormality by examining your heartbeat closely.

Blood Tests Included Under Annual Screening for Women:

Annual screening for women includes lab work as well. These blood tests are done in order to ensure your body chemistry is working great. This also assists your physicians to early detect diseases and promote faster recovery. Women can monitor their overall health performance through this annual blood screening program. 

Blood sugar test

Diabetes is one of the most life-threatening diseases yet the most neglected one in this healthcare arena. It’s a must for everyone, not only women to maintain the amount of glucose in their blood. Else people will be faced with blindness, kidney failures, and other side effects of diabetes. Along with exercising and healthy eating choices, it’s a must for everyone to enlist themselves in annual blood sugar testing.

Lipid Panel Test

Lipid panel test is an important part to ensure women’s heart health is working fine. This test measures the number of triglycerides and cholesterol levels in the blood. The ratio of good cholesterol and bad cholesterol will help your physician to analyze the overall heart health of a woman. The annual health screening of Christian Fletcher Atlanta LifeBrite delivers precise reports on lipid panel tests in order to maintain heart health for women.

Thyroid Test

The thyroid test or TSH test ensures that the thyroid gland is not malfunctioning. The thyroid gland is responsible to stimulate thyroid hormone that is essential for women’s health. It helps to maintain the heart system, digestive system, metabolic rate, muscle control, and a lot more in a woman’s body. Therefore it’s a must for women to check their thyroid gland is working fine or not once in a while.

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