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Christian Fletcher LifeBrite

Laboratory results directly influence the method of patient care, and hence LifeBrite is committed to providing accurate results in the shortest possible time. Experienced physicians make use of most advanced techniques to ensure that every patient is given the much-needed care and medication at Christian Fletcher LifeBrite. Every member of the customer service division works tirelessly to make sure that each client is provided with essential procedures and tools at the right time.

  • Christian Fletcher LifeBrite is equipped with the latest technology and high-tech laboratory equipment
  • The reporting system has been developed to facilitate easy access ability with complete online support
  • Customer service is valued the most

Blood chemistry testing

Appropriate blood testing is an essential part of all types of treatment, as many clinical decisions can only be taken after obtaining a detailed blood chemistry report. LifeBrite provides appropriate and reliable blood panels to help patients get proper treatment and medication based on their health.


Toxicology is another important testing methodology that is used for treating patients with addiction. It helps in recognizing the toxins present in the patient’s body and determining the right type of medication.

Molecular pathology

The molecular pathology division of Christian Fletcher LifeBrite laboratories helps in enhancing the diagnostic skills of medical practitioners. Methods like genetic testing help doctors and patients in understanding a wide range of medical problems like genetic diseases, medication sensitivity, cancer, etc.

Services offered at Christian Fletcher’s LifeBrite Laboratories

Christian Fletcher LifeBrite Laboratories provides a wide array of testing facilities to their valued clients under one roof. 

Pain management

Lifebrite works as a medication compliance partner with several private medical practitioners, small groups, and large organizations and protects them from adverse effects of wrong medication.

Workers compliance

LifeBrite is a medication compliance partner for physician and patience to protect them from the wrong medication


Lifebrite OB/GYN department is dedicated to improving the health of pregnant women and their babies. Specialized testing facilities help the future parent to have a healthy sexual life and pregnancy

Medication reconciliation services

LifeBrite has a proprietary panel that is developed in house for assisting medical practitioners in prescribing medications for polypharmacy patients and eliminates the risk of exposure to adverse drug events.

Addiction Clinic

LifeBrite l guide organizations of all types and sizes in helping their patients recovered from drug addiction

Primary care facilities

LifeBrite laboratories also offer a host of primary care facilities and testing options, starting with inherited cancer genetics to medical reconciliation.

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