What is Cricket? A Gentlemen’s Game!


Cricket was developed within the huge areas in England believed to be by shepherds to control their sheep. In the later years, this sport was treated with respect by aristocrats as well as now enjoys being deemed to be the official sport in England. Over a century later it is played on an international stage with an enviable position.


The game of cricket involves two teams, that have 11 players per team. The captain of the team who is the winner of the toss determines whether his team will bat or bowl first. If they bowl first, the goal is to rack up a large number of runs. They must also ensure their opponent does not achieve that number. Find out more information on Cricket Rules.


Cricket can be played in a range of forms, however, the two most well-known include TEST CRICKET as well as ONE-Day cricket. In the TEST cricket tournament, games go through five days where each team plays twice if time permits.

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One day is the most played format where each team gets 300 balls for scoring runs. The other team is trying to beat them with the same amount of balls.

the cricketer who lost his wicket


Three roles of players comprise 1. BATSMEN, 2. BOWLING 3. FIELDING.

  1. Batsman is a person who takes runs with the balls thrown by the bowler.
  2. Bowler A person who plays bowls and attempts to keep players “out” (dismissed away from the field).
  3. Fielder – players (10) that assist the bowler achieve his aim, while also preventing batsmen from scoring runs.


Cricket’s game primarily is based on batsmen. The crowds are enthralled by the batsmen particularly when they throw the ball across the pitch. Batsmen are those who create a hysterical audience, everyone likes them. They’re the Don Juans of cricket.

There are many good batsmen, however, only a select few are truly great. Their style, style, and talent are unique. To each their own to quote the famous quote.

Of the countless batsmen of the 11 ICC (International Cricket Council ), London, UK) recognize just a handful are immortalized. What is it that differentiates boys from the guys?

There are many factors that determine whether or not you are the perfect batsman. An aptitude for the game is the most sure, and a skilled coach (Achrekar who was the coach of Sachin Tendulkar) as well as clearly, performing at the correct timing.

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