Joey Gallo to Yankees, per full reports and all Information

Joey Gallo

Joey Gallo is a very late scratch from tonight’s game and maybe on his way

MLB trade rumors: Joey Gallo was scratched approximately ten minutes prior to Wednesday’s Texas Rangers game. The San Diego Padres as well as the New York Yankees continued to pursue Gallo ahead of Friday’s deadline. Levi Weaver claims Gallo will be heading to New York Yankees.

It is clear that this situation is still in development and that nothing can be done until it happens. However, it seems like the trigger has been pulled. The Rangers’ homegrown star, who repeatedly pleaded with the Rangers to remain with them, is apparently being shipped out.

While I won’t speculate on who Texas might get, whatever the deal, it is not something I like because it will still mean Joey Gallo doesn’t have to be a Texas Ranger.

UPDATE — Numerous reports claim that a deal is in place with the Yankees to send Gallo to New York, subject to medical review.

I will be very sad for a while.

UPDATE II — A report has emerged that Clarke Schmidt will be going to Texas as part of this deal. Schmidt, a 25-year-old pitcher, was selected by the Yankees in the first round in 2017. He has been out of action for most of 2017 due to an elbow problem. Schmidt was among the top 100 on the BP, BA, and Pipeline lists when he entered this season.

UPDATE III — According to reports, John King will also be going to the Yankees as part of this deal.

UPDATE IV — Trevor Hauver, Ezequiel Duran, and others are reported to have arrived in Texas from the Yankees.

However, the Yankees’ third-round pick in 2020 from Arizona State, was Hauver. He is a left-handed hitting second baseman and slashes.288/.445/.498 in the Yankees’ low A affiliate. He has 64 walks and 78 strikeouts in 299 plate appearances.

Duran, 22 years old, is a right-handed hitting infielder and is currently slashing.290/.374/.533 high-A.

UPDATE V — Josh Smith and Glenn Otto are reported to be heading to Texas. Otto, a Rice righthanded pitcher, is likely to be a long-term reliever due to his injury history. He is 25 years old and was recently promoted from AAA to the majors. Over 13 appearances, he has a 3.33 ERA and 75.2 IP with 115 Ks. He also walks 17.

In 2019, the Yankees’ second-round pick was Josh Smith from LSU. His average batting average is.324/.448/.641 and he played in 39 games between low-A/high-A. It seems quite impressive. In August, he will turn 24.

UPDATE VI — It appears that Schmidt is not included in the deal. Two other names being considered for Texas are Everson Pereira, Randy Vasquez, and Randy Vasquez.

Pereira, a 20-year-old center fielder, is smashing low-A in 17 games this season. He slashed.400/.468/.673.

Vasquez, a 22-year-old pitcher, has spent the majority of his career in low A with 66 Ks (and 25 walks) in 55 IP.

UPDATE VII — Per J.J. Cooper on the updated Yankees List for BA Duran and Smith were both listed in the top 10 at 6 and 8 respectively. Otto and Hauver were at 22 and 20 respectively. He did not mention Pereira’s location.

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