What are the benefits of using Blue light lenses in your glasses?

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Blue light lenses and this digital world need each other to prove highly functional glasses. Our world has become more integrated with the use of technology and the internet. From food to entertainment and shopping, everything is up there on the screens. For many of us, it is a great advantage to get things in quick time and get hold of things from far away. However, towards our health, it had proved to be a disappointment.

The use of screens has led to various mental and physical problems. However, with the use of extended hours of digital screens, the eyes are the primary target. Our eyes go through various problems when dealing with digital screens. Digital devices are present everywhere, smartphones, computers, laptops and tablets, you’ll find them anywhere. From kids to millennials to grown adults, we all use any form of digital devices to furnish work. Many use it for education, entertainment, gaming or business etc. 

With so many things getting digitalised, it’s very obvious that people hop on those trends and enjoy the leisure life. With good things in hand, we must use them wisely. Unfortunately, we don’t have a limitation when it comes to internet consumption. According to the latest report, the average person in the United Kingdom uses the internet for up to 4 to 5 hours a day. People are reported to use 40 hours of digital screen consumption in a week. With such an increased rate of digital dependency, people have started to experience a various set of vision problems. The only way to protect yourself from them is the use of blue lens glasses.

Here are the top 3 benefits of Blue light lenses

1. Blocks or Reflect Harmful Blue light rays 

Blue light rays as we know travel from the sun, LED lights and our digital screens like computers, smartphones, tablets and others. These blue light lenses are coated with anti-reflective properties and are known for eradicating the continuous flow of detrimental blue light rays. With the help of anti-reflective properties, the blue light rays coming towards your eyes are blacked out completely thus supporting a safe grounds for digital usage. You’ll get blue light filter glasses online for prescription and non-prescription lenses as well so that everyone protects themselves equally.

2.Reduction of all sets of Visual Problems

Wooden Frames glasses

Blue light rays are known for creating various sets of eye problems like eye-strain, dry-eye, headaches, itchiness, red-eye and often burning sensation. These problems start to be unproblematic but then soon start to get frequent among users and cause a severe disturbance in their work-life balance Lenskart Offers. However, with Blue light lenses help, your eyes are no longer under the grip of blue light rays hence eventually the eye problems seem to reduce up to 99.9% gradually. With blue light lenses, you are free from constant eye-strain and dry-eyes hence get to continue your work with no further complication.

3. You get healthy Sleeping Pattern

As we all know, blue light rays are known for suppressing the release of a sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin. Which in result makes you stay awake at night if you are doing or finishing a late-night work on the screen. With the alteration with hormone regulation, our brain makes us feel active and recharged throughout the night and hence making us feel sleepy and exhausted in the morning. With the help of blue light lenses, your eyes can reflect blue light rays and continue to keep the hormone production natural hence you’ll be able to get good hours of sleep at night.

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