4 ways to speed up WordPress Site

WordPress Site

Everyone is talking about the WordPress website development and do faster the WordPress Site these days. Various techniques are used to get the job done. 

We’re here to give you some important and advanced ways to make the WordPress site faster.

But first, let’s find out the reason why you need to speed up your WordPress site.

Various solid reasons are here that ring the alarm bells. 

One of the most concerned reasons is the ranking of your website on the search engine result pages.  

A website gets a high rank only when the site is fast loading. Fast loading speed is s part of custom web development. If you want your site to become visible in the search engine results then a fast loading website should be your priority that leads to the stream of the visitors.

We always concern about the customer’s reaction, and the customers don’t like to wait for long on any site.

No fast loading site, no longer stay of the customers. A high-speed site can make the customers stay on the site longer.

 WordPress Site

The test loading time of your site

Speed is not the same from page to page, it is different. Every page performs different tasks and speed also depends on the size of the page, generated request, static or dynamic content, etc.

Let’s talk about the four ways to speed up the WordPress site 

1. Choose a better web host

A web host is considered to influence the speed of the WordPress site. Never rely on the shared hosting provider, it affects the loading time of the website. Especially such hosting provider fails to work in peak visitor’s hours and it can harm your brand. 

Thankfully, you can buy cloud servers from Amazon web services or Google engines at affordable rates.

2. Start with the lightweight theme

A higher page size with too many elements including icons, images, sliders, widgets, etc. can take the speed down of your site. With the use of a lightweight theme, you can go high with the speed of the site and customers like to stay longer. It is obvious that many elements use to engage the customers but always select applicable and important elements in the theme to not cause the webserver to go down.

3. Optimize the page images 

When a visitor comes to your site, images contribute mostly to deliver them your brand’s message. If you use a large size image, it takes down the webserver speed. 

Just reduce the size of the images to get a high speeding page, but never compromise on the quality of the images. As we know, it contributes a lot to grab the attention of the audience.

4. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to speed up your web server around the world

In the present day, people search for your products and services around the world. The speed of the site will differ for different located visitors from where your web server is hosted. CDN helps to keep the balance of site-loading from various locations.

What a CDN does?


It keeps a copy of the website in multiple data centres in multiple locations. CDN provides the webserver to visitors from the nearest locations.

Final thought

Fast loading websites make the visitors happy and can turn them into your loyal customers. It will improve the user experience whether it’s mobile or tablets. 

Author Bio:

Ellen is an expert content marketing manager at Solutionsurface. He is a tech geek and loves to contribute the latest technology tips and tricks especially mobile-friendly and responsive web design

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